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Will bamboo toothbrushes stop the plastic pollution crisis?

July 2, 2020

by drplasticpicker

I had a full day of clinic yesterday and everyone showed up. I was mostly catching up on physicals. We are desperately trying to make sure we get the vaccination rates up. Because of COVID-19, the national vaccination rates have plummetted and we are worried about the collatoral damage of a vaccine preventable disease outbreak among children especially measles. I’m on the vaccine planning committees for our HMO and we are getting ready for drive-through vaccine campaigns and have generally been very proactive in this work. Our area’s vaccine rates have not plummeted and have indeed remained steady, and hopfully will increase with our work.


Bamboo toothbrush a colleague gave me. It was so lovely. I am enjoying brushing my teeth at night.

I recently had a 25 day blogging streak. I wasn’t sure if I would just edit the site versus write another blog, but I found a recent gift from my friend Dr. Jill Gustafson inspiring so I decided to continue my streak. I’ve had many happy moments that I was thinking of sharing as a blog post. But the beauty of yesterday was almost too much so I will give you just glimpses of our day yesterday.