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Still Making Trash Art: Green Butterflies

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Green felt butterflies.

April 17, 2021

by drplasticpicker

We had pan seared salmon last night. It’s such an easy dish and so delicious. Then I did potatoes in the Instapot again for the second time, and again its so easy. I’m not sure what I was doing the last forty years. I guess Instapots only came out a few years ago, so maybe that is why. But the Instapot potatoes became mashed potatoes to compliment the pan seared salmon so easily. I didn’t even realize we had a masher. Not sure where we inherited it, but it’s such a useful thing to have.

I’m still making trash art, and I think my butterfly stage might be coming to a close. I had this green felt I had purchased for our Girl Scout Troop over 5 years ago. Its been sitting in our closet for so long, that I felt it needed to be used. The upcycled part of the trash art is the structure (the stick and the upcycled coffee lids) that I hot glue gun the butterflies to. The kids will like it when I bring it into clinic. It helped pass the time as I was thinking about something, and it will be sometime upcycled to give away to anyone who wants it. Hopefully we will continue to have real butterflies and not just felt green upcycled trash butterflies.

I think because we had the salmon last night, my brain sorted out some projects and conferences and how to put certain people in contact together. I’ve been to so many conferences lately that I was leery of going to another one, although each one ends up being fantastic. But the upcoming Medical Society Consortium for Climate Change and Health I think I need to attend. I will sponsor two students from the Sustainable Pharmacy Project at VCU and there is a medical student from UCSD School of Medicine that I am in contact that will also attend. A faculty member from the the family practice residency will also attend. If we all four go, we can live text eachother and figure out two big projects I think we need to do for our health care system. I’m naturally letting things happen, but I think the right people will be together and we can figure out those two big projects together. I won’t detail them now because it’s kind of sorting itself out in my brain this morning. But I’m grateful for the salmon last night, because I think it helped my brain work very well last night.

And that is it. Green felt trash art butterflies and pan-seared salmon and Instapot mashed potatoes helped me figure out two big projects that can get done relatively quickly. Wow. When you put the right people together in the right place, it just flows. As soon as these projects are where they should, I’ll let the readership know.

Arranged in the pretty glass jar.

Remember, your kids can still enter the Youth Art’s Contest!

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2 thoughts on “Still Making Trash Art: Green Butterflies”

  1. Jennifer Barba says:

    This is for Peyton Freeman and Gaby Barba. They are taking this very serious. They are picking up plastic and making art. Here is the first of many pieces of art plastic. How do we attach the document.

    1. Dr Plastic Picker says:

      I am so excited. Please email me any pics at To actually enter the AAP contest go to Please feel free to share!!! Yeah! So excited!!! Big hugs to you and the kids!

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