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Someone Is Reading? Just Living My Life.

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86 hits on the lead testing and mitigation testimony

March 22, 2023

by Dr. Plastic Picker

I’m just living my life. I just finished another really cool interaction/interview with Dr. April Moreno from the Public Health Podcast Network I talked about my advocacy and leaded aviation fuel pollution and leaded drinking water, and also the upcoming San Diego Heat and Human Health Summit that a group of us are organizing. I’ve started and deleted several blogposts in the last week. I’ve had to email many wonderful people and sometimes those emails are like mini-blogpost. So by the time I return to the blogpost that I’ve started, the words are gone. They are used up.

But even starting to type a new blogpost that never gets published, does help. It helps just to start, to start typing something. I realize there are people listening. 86 clicked on the ab 249 testimony. I just cut and pasted what I said at the committee hearing. It was my perspective as a front-line pediatrician who is decently knowledgeable about lead and has co-authored one article on lead pollution advocacy. I don’t pretend to be the world’s expert, but I also live my truth and know that I care and that this particular issue pertains to me and the children in my practice.

Being honest is really important. Honestly is underrated. I was talking to a young pediatrician who was seeking life-advice, and he asked me about my path. And I told him that I veered from the standard leadership path in our HMO because of my need to be true to my values and to be honest with myself. I also demand honestly in others that I work with. I know I come from a place of privilege in that I haven’t had to make myself work or associate with too many people who I find dishonest. As a child, my parents gave me the cover to avoid those folks. And you know what, it’s okay. It’s okay in your family life and your volunteer life to choose surround yourself with those that embody love and caring and positivity.

I was hugging our freshman last night and I realize that I’ve set a good example for her. She told me “I’m glad you have sheltered me. I’m glad I’m in a bubble.” And within that bubble my children and my students and those that I love, can be given the freedom to imagine the world that they deserve. I know the stark reality about the ugliness in the world. Certainly I do. I’m a pediatrician. But I also know there is absolute beauty and goodness out in the universe. And if you are one of my friends that I’ve sent long-winded emails to, thank you for being part of that beauty and goodness.

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