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September 2021 Plastic Picking Round Up!!!

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This one was a group effort!!! I didn’t take credit for this one!

October 16, 2021

by drplasticpicker

I was driving from a particularly long and grueling Friday clinic day yesterday. Finished late but I’m used to later, but it had been busy. I emailed the leadership team which I am a part of my dissatisfaction with the current scheduling changes. It’s best to be honest, and I had very little to do with the initiation and implementation with the scheduling changes. Partly because in my quest for wellness the entire thing was giving me a headache from the get-go and the entire conversation surrounding it during meetings seemed nonsensical. I think the entire thing started with someone up in the LA region and then kind of spread like a fad thing to other areas, and then somehow our department got swept up in it. It’s no one’s fault but it’s a hot hot mess and I was not pleased yesterday. I was tired and irritable, and my well-meaning lovely clinic tried to have me celebrate my birthday but we fueled ourselves on really unhealthy food. I happily ate but I worry about them. I eat so much plant-based and home-made food now that one day of salt and pepper chicken wings, chow-mein, and cake is fine – but that is not the case for most of our clinic. I mentioned to my lovely friends that maybe we should take birthday walks together instead and enjoy cake outside and some matcha green tea soy latte. Indeed, I’m pretty good at whisking the soy milk now so I’m volunteering to make it for everyone. I want us to heal and to be healthy, and work can absolutely be a place of healing.

But in that weird busy day, and my emailing my co-leaders my unhappiness and letting them know the true state of the sentiment of the front line doctors that the new schedule is simply – no bueno, I was able to leave by 545 to go to Homecoming at our children’s fancy schmancy school. We pay so much for that school, but I guess it’s worth it and it doesn’t hurt anyone. Indeed if you think about it, since we do pay a lot in taxes that leaves extra money for the public school system? This is how I justify it. Plus otherwise we are super frugal otherwise. But almost a million dollars in tuition over the course of their career, our son was able to be on homecoming junior court. It was an off-beat situation that lead him to that joyous night, and I got to be there at the very end to take pictures.

But on the way from a busy clinic day and on the way to fancy schmacy private school Homecoming, I drove my a freeway ramp I’m not used to driving and there was so much trash around that freeway. It was bothering me sooooo much. I wanted to park my car, and grab my grabber and go grab some trash!!!! OMG I wanted to pick up that trash so much. But I had to make Homecoming and it wasn’t safe to get to, but that is what 560 bags of trash will do to you. I know now that I can pick up trash. I am able to get things done, and I’m reporting back to you – the blog readership! Thank you for continuing to read, and knowing I have to report back to you how many bags gives me direction.

Sooooooo DRUM ROLLL. September 2021 Plastic Picking Total was . . . 26 BAGS OF PLASTIC POLLUTION!!! In addition I salvaged 20 things from the big old trash heap of our modern existence!

Aluminum Cans10Recycled
Plastic Bottles2Recycled
Sand Toys0Gifted
Flip Flops0Donated
Clothing Items0Donated
Glass Containers2Recycled
Tennis Balls0Gifted
Swim Goggles0Donated
Office Supply Items4Used

I’m at bag 560 and salvaged item #1697!!! If you want to see my lifetime totals, click here!

Thank you for reading! It really keeps me going! Stay tuned for tomorrow, for when I decide where we are going to donate! A frugal pediatrician with a bit of extra cash CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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