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Secondary Environmental Net Positives: May to August 2022

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On TV last week, twice.

August 27, 2022

by Dr. Plastic Picker

I made up the term “Secondary Environmental Net Positives” when I started this blog about three years ago. Has it been three years? It seems gloriously longer and blogging and picking up trash has helped me slow down time. That’s the great thing about blogging, it allows me to be creative and order the world and my life in the way that makes sense to me. There has been so many more “secondary environmental net positives” than I ever imagined when I started this whole thing. Case in point, being on local TV TWICE last week. It was all sorts of craziness and over stimulating to be honest. But it was definitely a secondary environmental net positive because San Diegans saw me talk about climate and mental health.

But here, I’m going to return to the original “secondary environmental net positive” which is other things I’ve physically done other than picking up litter, to help the earth. This blogpost category keeps me motivated as I keep track on my iphone on the notes section. So here they are!

Eleven other changes I made for the earth!

  1. 30 showers averted (at an average of 15 gallons a shower, that’s 450 gallons of water saved!)
  2. 8 leftover /food waste meals
  3. 5 bills paid on-line
  4. 6 unusual reuses for gray-water
  5. 2 times used the gray shower water for clogged toilet
  6. 10 chipoltle and rubios containers actually composted
  7. a lot of stuff donated to new young person to start household
  8. 1 use of homemade vinegar to unclog bathroom sink instead of draino!
  9. 2 containers of compost tea used in my guerilla gardening project
  10. 12 planters replanted in my guerilla gardening project
  11. 4 times I plugged in my plug-in hybrid in my secret place I found an outlet

Wow. That feels good to clean out the iPhone list. Thanks for reading! It keeps me motivated to keep on making changes. The world is changing. We’ll get there! There is no real option other than completely change the way we live. But in the end, we will all be healthier anyway. Have a wonderful green weekend!

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