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Secondary Environmental Changes! April 2021

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April 3, 2021

by drplasticpicker

We had such a huge climate victory for our region, that I can’t even begin to describe. We were at the right place at the right time, and continuing to build authentic and honest connections within our community. A trusted and well regarded pediatrician was appointed to the San Diego Air Pollution Control District Board, who is qualified and passionate about the earth and Environmental Justice Community Children that she will help us move the needle on climate change. Then the SDGE Franchise Agreement might be back in play. This is the nitty-gritty agreement when San Diego chooses who gets to place natural gas pipes and electrical lines in our actual land, and this is leverage on pushing SDGE toward cleaner fuel. This will be the next big battle. But yesterday’s win regarding the Air Pollution Control District and the new goal of the SDGE Franchise Agreement, was enough to have me literally running around the clinic yesterday so happy for the earth. But this morning after an ok night sleeping and watching a weird period drama (which would have been interesting to the previous me), is leaving me a bit lethargic. I have to catch up on charts today, continue plugging away at the journal article which is going relatively well, Girl Scouts this morning and also just taking care of myself a bit. I need new glasses and I need to schedule a visit to the dentists, even an eco-avatar needs to get my teeth cleaned.

So today I am just typing away because I realize that typing and writing has helped me so much in this fight for the earth. But this blog post will be easy! Just the secondary environemntal changes I’ve made in our own lives to live more sustainably. I initially needed to list things to help propel tme to make further changes, but honestly these days living minimalistically and sustainably just kind of flows for us. But it’s fun to think of new “green” things to do. Yet I know the most impactful work I can do is political and advocacy. But here is the nitty gritty changes! Not a lot but they were really fun.

10 Secondary Environmental Changes We Made At Home This Month

  1. 7 Showers Skipped
  2. 2 Items I thought I needed but I “shopped” in my own house and found
  3. 2 challenging food-waste meals I made with a really old old can of evaporated milk and one with a decade old can of Coco Rico soda (don’t ask and they were actually still good and I don’t recommend this medically LOL!)
  4. 1 bag of bunny poop guerilla gardening (you don’t want to know more, trust me)
  5. 1 container of guerilla composting (you don’t want to know more, trust me)
  6. 5 containers of guerilla gardening native wildflowers especially california poppy (follow me on Instagram as I try to see if the flowers bloomed!)
  7. 1 container of compost tea to my mother
  8. Teen son will switch over to refillable deodorant
  9. Ordered 4 trial paris of BamBody period underwear. Trying to decrease menstrual pads. They’ve gotten great reviews!
  10. Asked my brother for sawdust for my composter! He does woodwork and it’s really good for my compost!

And that is it! Those are 10 additional things I did for the earth that I only did because I knew at some point I wanted to do another post like this. We can always move toward a more sustainable life. But honestly doing these posts most months reminds me that we need systems change. Hope you have a wonderful sustainable weekend.

Last time I did this kind of post was 3 months ago! Embarassing for me!!!

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