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Sand Ruins #2: Fairytales in the surf and sand.

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November 7, 2019

by drplasticpicker

The most elaborate castle I have seen thus far.

Wandering along the beach is wonderful for the imagination. Children have the blank canvas of the surf and sand to create their fairytales. I then get to see the remnants of them on my walks. I make up stories in my imagination about who made these structures, and what stories and adventures occured within their walls.

Above is the most beautiful Sand Ruins I have seen. It was impressive for its 4 towers at each corner of the structure and the moat. I think this must have been a medievil adventure.

The size of this structure was impressive, and it flooded at high tide.

The above volcano/earthen structure was impressive due to its scale. It was the largest Sand Ruin in terms of size I have seen. I think this was more of a prehistoric adventure. Dinosaurs and meteors recreating the last mass extinction.

A Mayan or Incan ruin?

This lone structure sat on otherwise flat/planar beach. This looked like a Mayan ruin with an impressive bridge over a deep moat. I expected there to be figurines with headdresses and harvest offerings to unknown Gods.

Sand ruin almost surrounded by the sea.

This last sand ruin was from this morning. The sea reclaiming the ruin with each undulating wave lapping around its perimeter.

The four most beautiful Sand Ruins I encountered this month. Wonderful structures I got to see while walking along the shore looking for plastic.

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