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Regenerative Life: Monthly Donations To The Earth Done

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Two two pots. The left will become an upcycled succulent planter, and the right is my morning tea kettle. I bought it in college.

August 14, 2021

by drplasticpicker

I really appreciate everyone following along this environmental journey of mine. This morning I did something simple, I did our family’s monthly donations. Mr. Plastic Picker has to do a lot of overtime due to us being short-staffed during COVID and I got busy last month due to some big climate projects. But we are back at it and donated $200 this month. I try to be strategic with our money as it’s hard earned and we actually work for it. It’s hard to find a more impactful charity than Rainforest Trust, so I’m back at it and the money went to the Rainfroest Trust project in the Central African Republic and Chinko National Forest. By established a National Park there, they help preserve the land that is where African forest meets savanna. Protected species include lions, elephants, African wild dogs and much more. We now know elephants are like beavers, bioengineers of this earth So it does feel good this morning. My living a sustainable life and working still and making money and not spending it on frivolous things, we chose to help preserve over 200 acres of African forest today.

Check out our Donations summary page where I keep our family accountable to the earth. When I get stressed about the state of the planet, I check back here and realize that at least I tried. I did something Just like the bags of trash. I picked it up. This morning I’ll go to the beach and get an early bag before it gets too hot. Check out @drplasticpicker on Instagram if you want to actually see the bag of trash. Or better yet, pick up a bag of litter yourself or do a small donation of $10 or so to the Rainforest Trust. Trust me, it’s one of the easiest and most impactful things that you can do.

Much love to all my fellow earthlings.

Filming a segment for work, and I used a space background! LOL. I wasn’t told not to?????!!! Celebrating 60 years of the local AAP Chapter.

We were discussing maybe becoming truffle farmers? Truffles grow in Oregon. We have to start now though.

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