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Panang Salmon

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Picture provided by mom-friend Usa to help you prepare.

February 17, 2020

by mom-friend Usa (who is originally from Thailand) and drplasticpicker

Dr. Plastic Picker: Our youngest daughter is in her 6th year of Girl Scouts, and I am in my 6th year as her Co-Troop Leader. We have a cohesive and very involved troop and set of parents, which makes it much easier to run the troop. It’s Girl Scout Cookie season and all of our Cadette Girl Scouts are canvassing their neighborhoods and selling cookies. We had a wonderful meeting last Friday afternoon on Valentines, as we went over women leadership and gender inequality that still exist in the workplace. We were surprised that this topic very much resonated with them, now that they are in middle school. What followed was a lively discussion.

One thing the adults pointed out to the troop was that it was important to always have supportive friends – your squad. We have hoped that the girls would be that source of support for each other as they navigate the world of Middle School and adolescence.

Well, a dear part of my squad is mom-friend Usa. She previously had helped our troop and me learn to make Pad-Si-Ew Usa sent along to our other mom friends another fun Thai recipe. She knows that drplasticpicker is culinarily challenged so this is meant to be easy and quick. As I have mentioned before, Usa’s children are great vegetable eaters and wonderful students. So if we want our children to be like Usa’s children, maybe we should look at what delicious food she feeds them! More home-cooked meals means less take-out, less plastic and money saved.

Thank you Usa for passing on some of your secrets to our readers!

Mom-Friend Usa:

Panang Salmon Recipe


Palm sugar about 2 table spoon
Fish sauce  about 2-3 table spoon
Coconut milk
Thai sweet basil
Red bell pepper
1 can of Panang curry paste
Chicken broth

Add 1 table spoon of cooking oil.
In medium heat Stir in 1 can of Panang paste.
Keep stir it for about 2 -3 minutes.
Add palm sugar.
Add coconut milk and cook  until the red oil come out.

Add fish sauce.
If the sauce is too thick add half can of chicken broth.
In another pan  sear both side of the salmon.
Pour the hot sauce over the salmon cook for couple minutes.
Add the bell pepper and basil.
Cover  the pan and cook until bubbly boil.
Turn of the gas and let it sit for couples minutes before serving.

Midway what mom-friend Usa said your pot should look like.
Final product and what it looks like in their Thai-American house. Lots of veggies and fiber! From mom-friend Usa.

I plan on trying this recipe Tuesday night. Let us know in the comments if you try this wonderful recipe and how it worked for your family! Thank you again to our dear mom-friend Usa. We could not run our Girl Scout Troop without her. She is our Cookie Troop Manager as well!

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