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November 2019 – Plastic Picking Round Up!

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That morning was a good haul! Of the sandals only 2 were matching, but the ball was a cool one! That is our crazy black puppy toward the left. She claimed both balls. Photo credit by drplasticpicker.

November 30, 2019

by drplasticpicker

This is a summary of my November 2019 plastic picking! Technically I still have this morning, but it’s 6am and still dark and I haven’t gone out yet. I want to publish 1 post a day so I’ll count this morning’s plastic counts in December’s totals. So this is total bags of trash and other things found near the shoreline that are now donated, reused or gifted. I have also updated my Plastic Picking Totals This is my third month of plastic picking, and number of bags came up 31 from 19.5 (58% net increase) last month as did total number of items 111 from 88 (26% net increase).

I did write 40 blog posts this month, but I’m trying to pace myself and balance out writing and plastic picking. Mostly the number of bags went up because with the recent storms, I was able to collect more plastic quickly. The storms bring up lots of rigid plastic and large items like buoys! I’m trying to jog to the beach on weekend mornings through the more populated parts of our college beach town, and pick up more recyclables. So here is how I did!

31 Bags of Ocean Bound Plastic Collected

111 Items Salvaged

ObjectTotal NumberFate
aluminum cans42recycled
plastic bottles20recycled
clothing items13donated
sand toys 10 donated
glass 9recycled
balls 5 donated
sandals (paired)4donated
Halloween costume iems2donated
sunglasses1grandma took!

Other items (1) surf wax container, swim goggle, rubber coffee lid, toy.

Here were the totals from the previous month October 2019

Here is where I will link November’s Secondary Net Environmental Positives 2019

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