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My Family Inspires Me: A Wonderful Week with The Cousins

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Our trash art piece perched atop a rescued plastic plant.

August 15, 2021

by drplasticpicker

Joey Potter was right in Dawson’s Creek. She told Dawson during the last season, as he again had an existential crisis about the meaning of his work as a teen soap drama writer – what has he accomplished? Joey looks at Dawson (although she ends up with Pacey Witter – HUNKY DREAM BOAT) that as a writer he is lucky, he gets to live life twice. And that is true on this blog as well. I get to live life twice, and have these blog memories to revist that give me so much joy.

This week was all joy because my sister and nephew and niece were visiting. We had not seen the cousins since almost 2 years ago because of COVID. They are my sister’s children, and for me I am closer with them because how my sister and I raise our children have echos of our own mother. We had dinner twice at my parent’s house and my mother pulled out all her culinary stops given all the grandchildren were there. We just hung out at our house, as it’s still the delta surge and we have to be careful and they are too young to be vaccinated yet. The cousins played ping pong, scrabble, Siracha the card game, and scrabble. They played video games, and laughed. I sorted through clothes to give my niece some hand-me-downs of hand-me-downs. Even the four items she will take home, is about 8000 gallons of water saved in new clothes production. I said something not quite nice to my sister, and we had a spat – but then we hugged and we mended our relationships. This is normal and what families do. And when you are together in the real world and reengage, that relationships is stronger for that broken part and the mending. We tried to squeeze in as much love and time together as possible. My sister made plans for our next big family gathering which will be very exciting. And we said goodbye.

But I will have this blogpost to remind me how wonderful this week was. How much I love those three so much.

Trashart piece I made with my nephew. There is a story behind it and it makes me smile.
And we ended the week in East Village visiting a condo I absolutely adore. I remember when I decided to buy it. I looked out from the balcony and looked right onto the light-rail with it’s trees, and it looked like Paris to me nestled in downtown San Diego.
Beautiful restored train.
How we love our home team and our home town.
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