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Merry Christmas to Our Readers: I Learned How to Cherish

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Rooftop garden is blooming with succulents and unexpected.

December 25, 2021

by drplasticpicker

Merry Christmas to the blog’s readership. My brain has literally been exploding because I’ve been immersed in Korean dramas. I’m taking a break right now but honestly I think it was really good for me. Language function is located in the left hemisphere of the brain mostly, Broca’s area which is associated with speech production and articulation and Wernicke’s area which associated with comprehension. My Broca and Wernicke areas are exploding like the leaves of my succulent rooftop garden after the much needed rrain. I think the Korean part pushed out the Spanish part, and I need to let it dry out for a bit before watching any more dramas. If you need something great to watch, definitely check out “Hospital Playlist” which was recommended to me by my brother. It’s really good. I’m rooting for the pediatric surgeon and his love interest, the general surgery resident to make it long term.

It’s been such an unexpected Christmas. The kids are still asleep and Mr. Plastic Picker is actually working 3 extra shifts today (hopefully from home). I think why it’s such an unexpected Christmas is that we didn’t have great ambitions or expectations, but generally decided to continue to be off the consumption band-wagon. There are a small number of gifts for the children under the tree, and we even sent out a Christmas letter to those that sent us cards. I gave out a fair number of gifts to the ones I wanted to in the office. So there was still gift giving, but it wasn’t stressful and was meaningful.

My conclusion for this Christmas day is that everything has been unexpected and I fundamentally cherish things more. I cherish the holiday cards we received and looked at each one several times. I cherished the Christmas decorations we already have and my father-in-law lovingly puts up every year. Its eccletic but it’s us and it works. I cherished the small moments and the office decorations.

All upcycled/resued bits to make up the rooftop garden.

And so I just wanted to let the readership know that I’m still here, still fighting for the earth. I slowed down because it was Christmas and wanted to spend some quiet time with the family. We have big projects coming up that I need to bring across the finish line. But just mostly Merry Christmas to you and your families and to the earth. And let’s cherish each other in fundamental healing ways. Much love, your local litter licking Korean-drama watching pediatrician.

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