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March Plastic Picking Totals!

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Best bag of the month!

April 10, 2021

by drplasticpicker

I received a very touching message from a reader, about how a certain blogpost resonated with her. Those messages are the most meaningful to me. I never believed that I could reach people I know and do not know through writing. No matter how long this eco-avator / Dr. Plastic Picker journey lasts, I will always treasure the writing the most.

But let’s get down to business! A teenager I know emailed me and asked me if I thought she should start blogging. I am unsure what to tell her. The writing part is the best, but the blog has to have a point. And this point of this blog is to pick up plastic!!! So let’s let the esoteric ephemeral stuff for another day and get back to business. Through this blog, I write for fun. I write about picking up plastic pollution, and in lieu of meaningless consumption – I donate some of my extra bucks to the earth.

So how many bags of plastic pollution did I get this month????!!!! [ DRUM ROLL PLEASE]. 24!!!!! Yeah. I set out a minimum goal of 20 bags a month and this month I exceed my goal. And I gathered 48 things from the environment that would have gone into landfill that has now been reployed into circulation. In grand total, I’ve picked up 424 bags of ocean plastic pollution and 1530 things. WOW. Click here to see my totals from the beginning!

Here is the official table.

24 Bags of Plastic Pollution

48 Things Collected

Aluminum Cans16Recycled
Plastic Bottles 2Recycled
Sand Toys 0Gifted
Flip Flops0Donated
Clothing Items2Donated
Glass Containers1Recycled
Tennis Balls0Gifted
Swim Goggles0Donated
Office Supply Items 5Used

Picking up so much plastic pollution has given me an appreciation for gardening in unusual places. Here are some of my favorite plants that I place and nurture, and visit when I can.

My favorite. A gift from my mom which almost died at my house, and now is thriving in an undisclosed location.
Spekboom that I was kind of into, and was trying to propogate. I’m not into them anymore. There are great carbon sequesters though, so I just plopped the entire $20 succulent I bought from LOWES with some good mulch in another undisclosed planter. I need to build up some more mulch around its’ rootball and base. It’s doing well though. Sequestering carbon as we speak, and the compost that is from my aerobin 400 is regenerating the soil.
A baby I grew from a succulent leaf. It’s thriving amongst the weeds. It will make it. I love the water glistened on it;s plump leaves.
Hay and bunny poop have helped transform this platner into a great home for this red hybrid succulent. Nature doing it’s thing.

Want to see how many bags I picked last month? Click here for February 2021!

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