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Lovely Meeting, Lovely House, Lovely People

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Lovely breakfast

January 10, 2021

by drplasticpicker

I love anyone who feeds me. I think this is true for everyone. Especially if you feed me home-made fancy waffles with Belgian sugar pearls (which I had never heard of before). The expresso had no sugar and no cream and it didn’t need it, because it had this lovely waffle to go with it.

I’m sitting at my kitchen table a bit later in the morning than usual. 7am. I have to drink my coffee first. I’m finally using the Starbucks Hiroshima Mug Nurse Lan gifted me years ago. I don’t know why, but I had saved it in it’s new packaging for several years. I’m not sure if I didn’t think I deserved to drink out of such a nice mug or that I wanted to use up the old ones. But at some point it seemed ridiculous especially since the house is so decluttered from our almost 2 year long minimalism streak, to not use something that was lovingly gifted to me. Also I have a Instagram friend FamilyThemes who always profiles their mugs, and it seemed to me we should enjoy not only the coffee that comes in the mug and the mug itself – which I think is her entire point.

Yesterday’s breakfast was very lovely. Outside and we were masked and careful. At some point one needs to meet to run the department, so we met. We all had our first dose of COVID-19 vaccine as well weeks prior with that added layer of protection. We had long deep discussions about the needs and goals for the department, and whether our personal goals dovetailed. We were open and honest and transparent with each other. It was a long but very productive meeting, and we have all our projects and missions to help better the lot of children and pediatricians in our organization. I am always reminded of the mantra, there is no I in TEAM and that is so important. The team you have, although sometimes we may be out of step, is the team you have. And after three years, we are in step and well oiled machine.

It was a lovely meeting yesterday and I especially enjoyed the house that we met at. Albeit we were outside, I like to look at the landscaping and we were all admiring the other Assistant Boss’s trees. Chief Boss suggested she take out all her trees and plant fruit trees. Chief Boss loves fruit trees. The other Assistant Boss from the nothern hinterlands and I admired Assistant Boss who hosted, her beautiful succulents.

So interesting.
More succulents.

We ate her fancy waffels, drank her fancy coffee, and enjoyed her fancy real estate. And then bold as brass, we asked for succulent cuttings. We asked in a rudeness that only friends can do. We were half kidding, but only half kidding.

Lovely waffles. So lovely but we can’t put on our plant-based instagram because they had no plants in it. But they were DELICIOUS!!!

If we had a similar meeting like that at a coffee house, it would have at least cost us $50!!! Plus never as nice. Chief Boss and Assistant Boss x 3 all have really nice houses to have meetings outside. It’s not because we are Chief Boss and Assistant Bosses. It’s because we are older and grandfathered into tax laws and bought real estate and upgraded and refinanced before the housing prices skyrocketed.

I have a really nice backyard too. I may get patio furniture to match my Assistant Boss friend because her patio chair was so comfortable. Maybe I should move my patio furniture around.

Okay. There were violent protest last night around the area with Trump supporters and I’m sure there is litter. I’m off to Mission Blvd to check out the damage and pick up a bag. But just wonderful memories of a lovely meeting, lovely house and lovely people.

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