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Just More Wine-Cork People

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I absolutely lone this little guy. I know some kid is going to be very happy to take him home.

May 2, 2021

by drplasticpicker

I don’t have as much time to blog and write. I know I am still blogging daily but it’s not the quiet and creative writing that I enjoy. I am okay. I appreciate everyone reading. I’m pulled to do climate work which is meaningful and impactful, but I come back here just to be me – silly Dr. Plastic Picker. The way I decide what goes on this blog, is what make me truly happy and joyful. And above is a little friend I made that made me so happy.

In between trying to get comments from academic pediatrician friends on our upcoming journal article, working on the conclusion and citations, sending emails, helping others with their applicatiosn for various board positions, and generally doing things to help the earth – I sometimes make these funny little wine-cork people. Here are some more.

All beach trash but collected by an Instagram friend. I’ve been sorting through her stash.
This one is it’s twin with the same body. The arms are actually an old hanger I had fun trying to take apart.

And the three wine-cork people I made together. Here they are as friends.

Three wine-cork friends.

Even beach trash wine-cork people need friends. They travel in groups of three. I’m post my litter picking totals tomorrow. I got to 20 this month!

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