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June 2022 Plastic Picking Totals!!!

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One of the June bags!!!

July 4, 2020

by Dr. Plastic Picker

It happened!!! I finally switched my blog and all the login information over to my “new” computer which is not that new. But the “old” computer had almost a dead battery. I guess the old computer still has the DVD player which I need to use for one of our daughter’s language lesson programs. But this is a big “DONE” for me.

Dr. Plastic Picker loves getting things DONE. And what was DONE this month was 11 bags of trash and 9 salvaged items from the ocean’s edge. It’s less than my usual 20 bags a month, but June has been an epic climate month and I realize there is no race to get to 1000 bags. So here are the totals for this month. Lifetime total is now #704 bags and #1929 items salvaged. Click here to see them all! https://drplasticpicker.com/plastic-picking-round-up/

For this month, Dr. Plastic Picker salvaged 9 items and picked up #11 bags of ocean plastic pollution!

Aluminum Cans4Recycled
Plastic Bottles1Recycled
Glass Containers1Recycled

I realize that I’m not in a rush to get to #1000 bags because it keeps me motivated to try to save the earth. This week was an epic climate week as I spoke at the Climate Actions Campaign rally as Chair of the Public Health Advisory Council. Here is proof.

with one of my most favorite green people in the world @heylaisha.

I was nervous and the entire 2 minute public comments at the rally and the testimony took about 5 hours of my time, and energy. It was well worth it, because the entire point is to inspire and rally the troops. That day, the group effort with so many like-minded community groups did work. The Updated Climate Action Plan for San Diego with #zerocarbon by 2035 passed the Environmental Committee 4-0. It made a big splash on social media as well. Here is more proof.

Was on various accounts.

I looked pretty good, and made a special effort with my appearance that day. Usually I don’t think about those things too much, but I made special effort to brush my hair and draw in my eyebrows evenly. My mother and sister-in-law helped me with this, and pay special attention. And here are my comments that brought tears to my eyes when I spoke them, and I practiced and did speak from the heart.

Rally Talking Points

Thank you everyone for coming out today, for showing up for the earth.  My name is Dr. Vi Nguyen, and I am a pediatrician.  I’d like to address this to the children out there since I feel more comfortable talking to kids.

It’s June 30 2022, and I apologize for not being in the office.  I instead came here to speak up for you. Climate change, global warming and worsening air pollution is happening, and that is why some of you are sick.  Sometimes it’s hard for you to breathe when your asthma acts up because climate change drives air pollution and worsening allergens.  It will be wildfire season again and the summer heat waves will come.  This happens more often now.  You are going to have to stay indoors sometimes when the wildfires are bad and it gets hotter.  You’ll need to fill our water bottles often, and drink more. It’s really scary because babies are being born smaller and earlier due to climate change.   

What happens today in city hall is going to affect your health.

Remember what Dr. Nguyen tells you in clinic? Sometimes adults get so distracted and don’t pay attention to what you need.  What else does Dr. Nguyen tell you? That I’ll always tell you the truth, and that it’s important to be honest.    

And what does being honest mean? It means that in San Diego we have a climate action plan that is complete and transparent.  Being honest means that adults will show clearly how they will implement and fund the promises they make to meet our climate goals.  It’s frustrating that it’s been years of unclear progress, but my hope for you as young San Diegans is that the adults will care and listen

Please know that there are adults out here who 100% to the 10th degree care, and they are standing our here today and I think they include the adults who will be meeting in city hall.  My hope for you and our community, is that those responsible adults will work toward a complete Climate Action Plan so that we can make sure kids don’t get more sick than they already are.

Dr. Nguyen is really scared sometimes for our earth and for you. But I feel better when I speak my feelings and speak up for you.    

It’s breath-taking what is happened while I was also collecting plastic pollution. No rush. About 300 more bags to go.

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