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Introducing Harish Joshi: Thursday Trash Reflections from Nepal

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Introducing Harish Joshi, CleanupGuy and Litter Picker and community organizer and overall great-teenager from Nepal. He is now part of @drplasticpicker (until he gets his own blog going but we hope he stays) and will be blogging regularly every Thursday at “Harish Joshi: Thursday Trash Reflections from Nepal.”

February 13, 2020

by Harish Joshi

Hello! My name is Harish Joshi. I am from Nepal. I am 18 and a high school graduate. This is my first blog which is about my journey of environmental activism.

Like many of us, I sometimes used to think about the environment in my childhood. But these thoughts used to fade away after a while. There is no proper waste management system in my village. When I used to study in grade 9, I made a dustbin in my house for the first time. There aren’t much dustbins in the towns. The condition is worse in villages. People are not much aware about pollution here. But slowly this is changing. This is the current situation here.

There is a temple near my house. Last year, after a festival called Gaura, it was very dirty. I didn’t like it and then I called my neighbouring younger brother for a cleanup. After that, I continued my activism this year. I found a lot of friends and we made a cleanup group called Mission Clean MNR. We do cleanups in weekends. We also try to aware people about pollution and why shouldn’t we litter. This is how I started my journey of environmental  activism.

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