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Intro To Climate Change and Health: HMO Residency Elective Clerkship

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Lets continue the avatar theme

May 15, 2021

by drplasticpickernJust thinking outloud of the blog. If we can write an article Durrwachter-Erno et al and have it based on an avatar theme, why can’t I frame the new Climate Change and Health HMO Residency Clerkship around a similar framework. It makes sense to me.

Clean Air Week – Rotate with pediatric allergist Dr. Michael Land or UCSD allergist Dr. Christine James in clinic two sessions, linking rise of pediatric allergic diseases like asthma and allergies with climate change. Attend Air Pollution Control Board Meeting either with Dr. Birkbeck Garcia or Dr. Dan Spencer or Portside AirQuality Meeting. Definitly a cool session with Dr. Dave Neison on wildfire mitigation and thinking about active transport and how can physicians aid in these efforts, or advocate for this.

Clean Water Week Either pick plastics or pharmaceutical waste? This week we could also focus on storytelling and narrative medicine. What is your climate story? Shadow policy folks at Climate Actions Campaign or site visit with the Environmental Health Coalition. Environmental Justice focus on water issues. Access to beaches. River health. Wetlands.

Earth Regeneration Week Plant Based eating rotation with Dr. Dana Patton Ku (Pediatric GI) or Dr. Angie Neison (Sharp Culinary Medicine). Thinking about built environments and shade trees (hang out with the city arborist or community garden). Link between regenerating the earth and natural spaces as an partial answer to pediatric obesity and mental health issues.

Workplace Sustainability Week – Reflection piece due about what changes could be done in the workplace to reduce healthcare industry’s greenhouse impact but dovetail with improving patient care experience and containing cost. Attend Kaiser Green Team/Sustainability monthly meeting. Networking with HMO workplace green people. Option to work with physician wellness team.

Just thinking outloud. Would love any thoughts.

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