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I Choose None of the Above: I Choose To Innovate

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Middle-management jobs.

August 8, 2021

by drplasticpicker

There is a youtube video that pretty much sums of the problem with all big organizations that includes government, big corporations, and HMOs. Mr. Plastic Picker showed it to me. Big organizations tend to create certain positions that actually don’t do nor accomplish anything. This is due to government regulations and very good reasons, but the end result is this bloated middle that includes what I call the inventory people. I once saw someone who belonged to a department whose entire job was to go through our entire organization and just scan barcodes to make sure HMO property stayed within the HMO. The absolutely hilarious thing is that there was a printer my old mentor had bought with his own money for his own office, and this robot put a barcode on it and then scanned it. That pretty much summed up the absolutely hilarity of the entire situation.

If you are one that sits there and starts justifying the existence of those jobs, than I applaud you. You are a good worker. You are a good middle-manager and I’m sure you got your bonus, but thank you very much and get off my blog. This is my make-believe irreverent side where one speaks the truth to the internet ether. I am a good worker and a good middle-manager and I got my bonus, but I see the truth and knowing the truth is very important. When you start believing that the barscanning is as impactful as building a business or actually draining an abscess, than I don’t have any further comment.

And Dr. Plastic Picker is still here. Still plugging away at both climate work and work work. Both are gratifying because the former I get to help save the world and be impactful with what seems like little effort and the former is because I get paid. In the end I know which side my bread is buttered, and I know the value of money and that I can take my paycheck and invest for the good and feed my family.

Life was sweet yesterday just like the Hans and Harry’s fruit strudel. I had a very small piece and I remember each mouthful. I had already eaten eggrolls and had a few Vietnamese spring rolls, so I was full from those. We had a family party and we talked about big plans and collective dreams we have for building. That’s who we are. Our family are dreamers and builders, and really hard workers. And by in-filling the city with density housing and affordable units and commercial space for small businesses, that is how we will save the earth. And we’ll make money at the same time. Isn’t that amazing. Yes it is.

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