Happy Two Days Be-Lated Earth Day!!! I was working on Earth Projects. Apologies. – Dr. Plastic Picker

Happy Two Days Be-Lated Earth Day!!! I was working on Earth Projects. Apologies.

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Yes. It’s totally abstract.
I love him. To love fully is to love without restrictions. I let him go.

April 24, 2021

by drplasticpicker

The last week was such a creative time for my trash art. I was at the same time doing a lot of climate work that I know will be very impactful. At those times that I know I have a project that will move the needle on climate change, I get inspired and make the best art. The above are two trash art pieces that I’ve profiled before, but I’ve used one of those portrait/painting apps and made them more abstract. Gosh those two pieces were good. I just smile every time I think about them and the process that went into them. They are at the home of a patient family that I know well, and one parent is an FBI agent. I’m pretty sure he will find those two amusing. The two children who know possess the two pieces had big smiles on their faces. Giving them the two pieces was a big production. I was telling the four year old, “he is a ninja eco-warrior and his hands go like this to fight pollution” and then I made edward scissor-hand type chopping movements. There was a lot of laughter as the two trash art pieces went to their new home. I was reluctant to give them away, but that’s the entire point of the trash art. It’s an act of creativity and advocacy for me. The kids are now showing me some of their trashart, and they are so imaginative. I am looking forward to our Youth Arts Exhibition and what the kids come up with. If you haven’t checked it out, the entry page is on our San Diego Pediatricians for Clean Air page https://sdpediatriciansforcleanair.com/youth-art-contest

Otherwise the last few days have been dialing down on the paper for the Journal of Applied Research on Children. I have comments now from the two other co-authors and can really finish the conclusion today. I read the introduction to both Mr. Plastic Picker and Dr. Dear Friend and I got heart-felt positive feedback. All the footnotes are in place mostly, and our premed intern is already tasked with sending out the meeting invite for Friday. I happen to have the day off so we’ll meet and hash it out hopefully. We are already invited to give a round-table discussion of the article with Children At Risk, the institutue and non-profit the publishes the journal we are submitting to. I hope we make it worth their while. No matter what the writing process with the co-authors has been life-changing and as I had emailed them – one of the most meaningful projects I’ve every done in my life. This article was meaningful in so many ways and a product of camraderie, hope and love from the six of us.

So I have the article to work on, but I think I’ll work on it this afternoon after doing a litterpick and taking our daughter to volleyball. I have to pick up ocean beach plastic from @donttrashmissionbeach @ecoservices as well. It’s part of next weekends trash art project with our girl scout troop. I’ve always wanted to meet the famous Cathy, who I heard about on the beach for the last two years. And we will now collaborate on a trash art project. It’s going to be so cool.

I also have to finish placing two pediatric climate-minded colleagues in key influential positions. I am Dr. Plastic Picker, eco-warrior, and also Assistant Boss. I honestly don’t need anymore titles. I’m just me. But I know that others have this great reservoir of passion, talent and energy that needs to be set forth into the world and hopefully in climate work. I’m very upfront with everyone. What I’ve learned as a middle mananger, is that you have to have a title and you have to have real responsibilities to grow professionally and to make a difference. I want this for two very qualified people. As I had mentioned before, with climate work there is absolutely no place for egos. I am the setter, I will prep everything ready and these two individuals will spike the ball. I will help place a pediatrician an another influential position on the Air Pollution Control District , and another pediatrician in our AAP Chapter leadership. Then when I need something for the earth, I will ask them on behalf of the children. But more importantly, these two individuals will be on their own path to climate work. We need so much help. OMG we need help.

And with that, I made granola again in between sending a gazillion emails between different student groups and doctors wanting to work on climate. I’m like the clearning house for anyone who wants to do climate work in San Diego. Not really. But at least I am open to share any information I have. I think about the earth every waking moment, and have panic at how close we are going to come to climatic disaster and tipping points. But the little and “big” acts all make a difference. So wishing all Dr. Plastic Picker readers a more sustainable weekend, and whatever you do – you deserve to be cared for and loved. If you can love the earth a little, I promise you she will love you back.

The really weird thing is the HMO guerilla gardening succulent garden project is going well. But one of the red hybrid succulents disappeared! There was a small hole where someone dug her out and took her. It’s so weird. I guess they are $3 at home-depot. But you can propogate them very easily. It just takes time. I don’t mind that someone who needed a succulent took it, but it’s kind of disconcerting because I never really see anyone up there. And that succulent was being protected by a layer of compost and hay.

Lost red succulent.
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