February 2022 Plastic Picking Totals!!! #643 LIFETIME TOTAL!!! – Dr. Plastic Picker

February 2022 Plastic Picking Totals!!! #643 LIFETIME TOTAL!!!

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Team effort of my mother-in-law and myself.

March 5, 2022

by Dr. Plastic Picker

Good Saturday Morning Dear Readers!!! It’s Saturday morning and we are not physically where we thought we would be. I can’t tell you where we are, but we are well and alive and together as a family. Sometimes it’s important to be off the grid. Just know that your local litter-picking pediatrician continues to live a sustainable life and living my truth. I drank match green tea soy latte and walked along a beautiful part of nature with Mr. Plastic Picker. We walked hand in hand, sipping our matcha green tea soy latte, and talked about the world, our family and our love.

I also made some big decisions about my own life and leadership journey, and it was the earth that guided me. I am so gloriously happy and know I am on the right path, that I smiled and laughed with joy. A patient on Friday said, “Dr. Plastic Picker! You are glowing today. Something is different. Is it your hair?” It was not my hair, although I have switched over to a vegan hair dye. It was a decision I made about my leadership journey that felt so right, that I knew it was meant to be. Much like the moment I saw Mr. Plastic Picker is the basement at one of our college dorms doing laundry when I was a sophomore. He was a junior. I saw him and I thought to myself, “that is the father of my children.” And that is the truth. We married 5-6 years later as medical students.

But let’s get back to business, the business of addressing the plastic pollution crisis!!! I’m continuing to pick up plastic and this month I picked up 13 bags and am at #643 lifetime total https://drplasticpicker.com/plastic-picking-round-up/. 13 bags is considerably less than my peak which was at almost 50 bags. But it’s about the journey and I’m continuing on this journey to #1000 bags. So here are the totals for February 2022 Plastic Picking!!!

February 2022 I picked up 13 bags and salvaged 34 items. Lifetime total is now #643 bags and #1887 items salvaged from the landfills and placed back into human consumption circulation.

Aluminum Cans19Recycled
Plastic Bottles7Recycled
Plant Pots4Reusing in Our Garden
Glass Containers2Recycled
Hats1Donated to Pregnant Friend

Now onto March plastic picking! Onto new leadership positions. Onto the beautiful world of serendipity. Let the earth guide you dear readers, and you’ll end up in a place of growth and joy and love.

Found chair. Actually gifted by a neighbor and beautifully displayed in our yard.

Click here to see my running lifetime totals! https://drplasticpicker.com/plastic-picking-round-up/

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