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drplasticpicker learns that half the internet is plastic/fake but not Lenpenzo.com and his readers

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November 5, 2019

by drplasticpicker

What is plastic? What is real? What is fake? What is reality? A leatherback turtle figurine I bought at the local Goodwill for $19.99. Online these figurines go for $30. It has value and made of wood and stone. I think it is real.

Starting drplasticpicker and learning how to blog has been a fascinating experience. I started this blog because I wanted to share my journey of reconnecting with nature and health and to do something tangible for the world by picking up plastic trash. I have rediscovered my love of writing and creating.

But in learning the mechanics of blogging, I discovered that the world of the internet is half fake. My younger brother is a tech-savy millenial and helped me set up the blog, and has answered many of my questions and helped me download plug-ins and the google analytics programs. I have enjoyed learning how to figure out the process of blogging and WordPress.

But inadvertently I learned from him that there are services out there that will artificially answer your blog comments, link your blog to other websites, and essentially help boost your blog/website up on the google search engines. Essentially there are bots that do everything. They will artificially increase your google standings. This phenomenon has essentially changed the English language, as news titles at major news outlets have become an exercise on which titles can race up the google standings. No room of nuances anymore if you are looking for “followers.” Even with my nascent Facebook page, I receive messages that I can “boost” my page by 680 number of followers for $16. Now Facebook has upped it’s offer to $20 for 2,900 followers. The price and the number of promised followers keep on changing by the hour. Mark Zuckerberg really must want my money. But that would be cheating, and I think your promised followers are fake just like many platsic items!

I guess this is the reality of life if one is trying to make it out there is the digital economy. But I looked at my younger brother, sad with the realization that this falseness is omnipresent on the internet. I had somewhat realized this since half of the personal finance blog posts and “heatlh articles” seemed to be written by the same person or regurgitating the same sometimes semi-usefull information. I used to be an avid reader of multiple personal finance blogs until they all seemed to blend into each other. I guess I have the freedom that this blog comes from a need for me to create, and I already have a job and am not doing this for money. Financial freedom , my friends, is a powerful thing.

I told my younger brother that I was fine with my blog, and the number of followers. The whole point of this blog, is that I am a real person trying to do something tangible for the world by picking up plastic. I have real friends and real co-workers, and real patients. Why in the world would I want fake virtual followers? I would rather have one real reader than a million bot followers and those who are not really reading and thinking.

So to the big wide internet world out there, if you are a bot or someone making money trying to boost someone’s post – I suggest you get a real job. To the real folks out there, welcome!

I leave you with the screenshot of one of my internet heros, Len Penzo who is a financial blogger I have been reading for 10 years. In the 10 years I have been following him, I have commented maybe just 10 times. And each time, I’m pretty sure it was really Len Penzo who replied back. My brother asked me, “Are you sure he is real and he really answered?” I believe that Len Penzo is real. I aspire to be the Len Penzo https://lenpenzo.com/of the Personal Plastic Picking Blog world. Len Penzo is reliable, sensible and encourages personal financial responsibility. I advocate everyone be responsible for their plastic. I was formerly the Frugal Pediatrician and now drplasticpicker! Indeed, the google analytics program said that in the 2 days they have been analyzing drplasticpicker.com, the top referral website is lenpenzo.com with 9. Thank you Len!

Screenshot of my comment on Lenpenzo.com
Yeah! Thank you Len! You are a Good Jedi out in the blogsphere. I tell all my teenagers leaving my practice to read your brown bag lunch series. Good for their wallets and with more fiber than their usual lunches if they eat it with an apple.
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