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Creating New Stories

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December 23, 2022

by Dr. Plastic Picker

I was feeling a bit off this morning, and I realized I needed to write. So I’m here now on the blog and with you. Realizing that I’m here really for myself, is important. Even introverted me, can get unnecessarily excited about certain blogposts or Instagram stories that go viral. But that elation and that notoriety is transient. What remains, is really family, the earth and the stories that we are creating.

Creating new stories, that is what I’m realizing is the power of the climate work and this blog. A new world order is being creating. My daughter calls it a renaissance after COVID and from the lost dreams of what the past world was. Even with all our efforts to mitigate the climate crisis, the natural world is changing and there are new stories that are being created.

We were at dinner with Dr. MC, whom we call at home my “baby doctor.” This is a special person that I have the honor of helping train to be a primary care pediatrician. I treat her like family and she is family, and we had dinner with her husband J – and we were telling stories. And I realize my husband Mr. Plastic Picker tells the same stories often. They are interesting but new stories are better.

So here we are on this blog through our different advocacy projects helping to create new stories. And these new narratives are what will draw more people to help with the climate crisis. I’ve thought about taking down the blog and kind of retreating. Even a joyful climate activists can get tired sometimes. But I realize that even if I’m the only one reading and writing, that it’s okay. This is my narrative, and a small window into what is happening throughout the world.

I’ve been thinking about what kind of funeral I want. Yes, I know I’m a bit weird. I’m not scared of that stage. But we often worry about whether our children will know that they were loved. And in the end for me, every blogpost here I wanted to impart that to the children I know and to my own children. That Dr. Plastic Picker loved you, and that is why we are trying to save the earth.

And that is a beautiful narrative for sure. Going to go pick up some trash and get my mind on right before I head to work the weird staggered shift today.

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