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Big Island Retreats on 6 or 25 Acres: It’s Going To Happen

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I need to get back to my art.

May 14, 2021

by drplasticpicker

Yep. It’s going to happen. I’m going to buy half of that Big Island Property. The math works out. It’s crazy when the math works out. I have our portion of the downpayment easy, and we are still investing in the other commercial project but this will be for fun and for creativity. The mortgage payment and taxes we split with my family member, and the monthly cost is actually not that much. Even if we just keep the land and let family and friends use for free (or you just pay to make sure it gets cleaned), it will be worth it. And when organizations like the posh private school we send our kids to ask us for donations, I can just donate a week at our vacation home and deduct it. I can do the same for Girl Scouts. But more importantly, we will get the land that I’ve been dreaming of.

I’m hoping to organize several retreats on the property. Physician wellness and lawyer wellness (thanks to my high school friend Matt and my sister! for the idea) retreats on the Big Island. Then people can come and get reenergized and meet some inspiring people, and deduct it as a business expense and go enjoy the beautiful island. I know it’s not that ecological to fly to the Big Island, but I’ll plant trees through Eden Reforestration Projects to offset. I figure this will prevent people from flying further and using a lot of plastic, and this retreat will be actually helpful and inspiring and save people’s careers.

When I declare things on this blog, it seems crazy but I’m not crazy. I declared that I was going to start a pediatric climate change and health rotation, and I just did. I’m mapping it out now. I also declared that I was going to start a climate change and health fellowship, and I started the process and alerted the whole world at our HMO. And now I am declaring that on this beautiful property on the Big Island which is absolutely GORGEOUS – I am going to run several retreats through the year. I don’t have to do it, but I will own this property and my family member is all on board. I just have to create it and it will be so much fun and so wonderful. And I’m going to charge a super reasonable rate and just be able to offset the cost of the property a bit, and maybe upgrade the property to have composters and buy a bunch of “tiny houses” for the guests. I’m kidding but not kidding.

See when you dream something and it’s a good dream and won’t hurt anyone, and may help a lot of people – those dreams can come true. I am going to have writing retreats too where famous writers come and run writing retreats! You come stay and hang out with them, and you form a sense of real community. Maybe famous financial bloggers. Maybe some of my friends that I’ve met along this wonderful journey called life. That is it. Living crazy and wonderful dreams. I never thought I’d be able to pick up almost 500 bags of trash from the ocean’s edge (mostly). We’ve donated enough to plant a quarter of a million trees and saved over 15,000 acres of nature mostly through Rainforest Trust. And I’m going to buy this land on the Big Island. It’s on Lava Zone #3 which is 6 acres and unlikely to be hit by the erupting volcano. The property that is 25 acres with the 15 foster cows is on Lava Zone #8 so still a low but higher chance of a volcano coming. But the properties all have fruit trees. The 25 acres one has avocado and citrus trees that are already mature. The 6 acre property has amazing views off the lanai of the pacific and a lychee orchard. Yes it does, it has a good darn lychee orchard. If you can’t get well while sitting with Dr. Plastic Picker or my friend Dr. DK the happy vegan anesthesiologist sitting on a lanai looking onto the pacific ocean and wandering under the leaves of a lychee orchard, than I don’t know what to do with you. I’m going to make everyone well so we can save the earth together. I’m well now, because I love my truth. If not me, who? If not now, when? I’m going to start it. If you want to run some kind of retreat on the Big Island, let me know!!! Skies the limit people. Imagine, retreat for burned out lactation consultants. I know you are out there!!!! We can do it cheaper, better, and actually with our community’s true wellness in mind.

Living my crazy life with my outlandish dreams. Dr. Plastic Picker signing out. I have to go build up the spekboom plant on the HMO parking lot. It’s so desolate up there. Life is coming back, but that project is truly challenging. Going to plant a bunch of succulents as well. Bringing life to a parking lot that has been left desolate for over a decade is hard. Buying a nice property on the Big Island and organizing professional wellness retreats that are truly “green,” actually much easier.

This succuelnt needs some friends.
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