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Big Climate Wins, But Then I Have to Bake and Look At Our Plants

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Front entryway succulent area. All repurposed, nothing new.

September 9, 2021

by drplasticpicker

I had a mixed day yesterday. I was talking to a colleage about departmental business and an area that I have since left, is going toward a direction I don’t agree with. This is why I left. But that anger that I have about unilateral decisions and injustice bubbles up. But I choose not to cast people as villains in my narrative, I instead choose to cast systems issues and inertia as the villain. Putting these minor departmental isses in the perspective of the climate crisis helps because it puts it in context, and reminds me that the entire world is stressed.

But I was able to put that issue away in the my brain, and it was a big climate day yesterday. Our local AAP chapter really knocked it out of the park. We had approached the executive board about AAP San Diego joining the Rewild Mission Bay Coalition and they agreed. It was a victory that I did not think possible. Now this has led to a cascading series of events and one of my climate and health colleagues and overall earth-hero is going to try to get the local Family Practice chapter to do the same. We are all in this together, and we must all work together. My only contribution was really living near Mission Bay and really caring about this particular wetland because I love birds, and wanting to help. And then I knew a colleage who was wonderful and I told him, why don’t you become our wetlands liason!. And that was it. This victory really belongs to the tide of humanity knowing in our hearts that rewilding these wetlands is part of our way to protect from storm water surges and rising sea levels. It makes sense for real estate prices as well. Your house is not worth as much if it’s wet.

But it was such a big climate victory that I get this nervous energy. And then Mr. Plastic Picker ordered pizza for the kids from outside, and not my homemade pizza, and all that processed food throws me off edge. But I’m better now and most days I eat lots of plants and wander around my garden, so I know that my body just needed to go to sleep. So I went to sleep. And then I got up earlier than usual and have had a very productive morning. No caffeine yet too! I’m drinking matcha lattes in the morning and that is it, but I haven’t had my matcha yet. But I did bake banana chocolate bread and used a bunch of leftover ingredients because for me it’s a fantastic foodwaste recipe. I composted the avocado shell, the banana peels, the egg shells in our hot hot composter. I also sent a much needed email to our premed interns directing them on some of the trainings I need them to go to.

And with that, I am reminded by Mr. Plastic Picker – that sometimes I’ve done enough. I have a practice run on a climate presentation this afternoon, but I think I’m going to try to do my taxes and do some non-climate related CMEs. Thank you for following along. This monring I have way too much nervous energy for someone who got a good nights sleep and is not drinking coffee. But the rewilding mission bay project is huge. That we may help nudge it quicker, is so wonderful. I think I’m going to try to head over there this weekend to meet Andrew Meyer the director. He invited us to the Frost Preserve.

More succulents in our entry way.

And the muffins worked out this morning too.

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