Art Exhibition!!! Meeting Artsy People Today!!! Featuring Dr. Plastic Picker’s Crazy World. – Dr. Plastic Picker

Art Exhibition!!! Meeting Artsy People Today!!! Featuring Dr. Plastic Picker’s Crazy World.

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My iPhone photography is pretty good.

February 16, 2022

by Dr. Plastic Picker

I think my iPhone photography skills are pretty good now. I think it’s just that I’m usually out in the early morning or late evening, and the light is good. And also I take pictures of things I love and that’s just how I see the world. The above is a potted plant from my dad’s office that was essentially looked like on it’s last moments. But I took her home. And after several months, it’s alive and blooming. It truly is beautiful. Neglected somewhere else, and needed to be tended. It wasn’t too much work, but at a place where everyone stopped by to look at it on the way to the garage to say hi. Plants are living beings.

And today we are meeting as an organizing commitee in Hillcrest at Studio One. The gallery owner Patrick is a friend of Dr. Andrei, and he has lovingly donated the space for a month’s show for the AAP Youth Art’s Exhibition. I’m going to feature two of my trash art pieces, “Styrofoam Flowers” and “Dr. Plastic Picker’s Trash Army.” It’s going to be three pediatricians including Dr. Andrei who is studying for his MFA and also Laisha Felix our premed advocacy intern. I’m not sure what we are going to talk about. I’ve never put on a gallery show before, but it’s going to be fun and we are going to get to talk about climate. And it will help me figure out how to put this entire exhibition together. Patrick and Dr. Andrei have reached out to KPBS already and they want to feature our art show.

I’m really looking forward to this afternoon. We are going to meet for lunch at Bread and Cie in Hillcrest. It will be nice to treat our premed intern to lunch, and expose her to this entire world in San Diego that she did not know. We are one community, but so big and diverse – that it’s good to make connections with others who want to save the earth.

The AAP Dental Committee is coming to give us a talk at our HMO, and that is equally exciting. So today it’s preventative dental care and trashy art day. What a weird and wonderful life that I am living.

Bag #7 for the month! It was a big bag last night, posed next to our lemons!
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