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AAP-CA3 Climate Change and Health Committee June 2021 Newsletter

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June 2021 JOINT NEWSLETTER AAP-CA3 Climate Change & Health
San Diego Pediatricians for Clean Air
General Comments
We have exciting June 2021 Updates! We are so grateful to be able to share with you some meaningful updates and actionable items on what we as a collective community are doing to help #fightfor1point5 June 30th Clean Air Journal Club The fabulous Jenn Chen and premed intern Laisha Felix have a treat in store for us. They are organizing the 3rd in our series of hopefully 5 journal clubs on Climate Change and Health topics.  This one is Clean Air with Christine James (allergy and part of PHAC with us) and the famous Perry Sheffield (Mt Sinai, Environmental Health Specialist).  It will be combined with Radys and AAP-CA3-wide. Email Jennifer.C.Chen@kp.org to RSVP and for the zoom link!

Stay Cool 4 Grandkids Advisory Committee Health Member Needed!!!
Crystal Doan Stephens MD our member from San Diego Family Care is dialoging with Rewild Mission Bay. Stay Cool 4 Grandkids who is part of this coalition thought climate health voices would be helpful in their efforts and are looking for a pediatrician to be on their advisory committee.  We will likely try to do some kind of joint session with them and someone from the American Lung Association. If this is something that speaks to you, please contact Crystal at cdoan@sdfamilycare.org

American Lung Association Easy Sign-On Letter for Electric Cars
Speaking of the American Lung Association, this is an easy and impactful action for all our healthcare colleagues. Really non-controversial. Sign on to the American Lung Association Lung Letter to the EPA regarding clean cars. They need healthcare signatures. https://www.lung.org/policy-advocacy/take-action/action-alerts/cleaner-cars

Eco-America Training!
Thanks to Sally Kaufman, Crystal Doan, and Dan Spencer for attending the Eco-America training and are now Climate Health Ambassadors.  It was really fantastic.  We were able to include AAP committee members due to Sally and I sitting on the Public Health Advisory Committee of Climate Actions Campaign.  I’m in conversation with Rebecca Rehr from Eco-America, to see if their planned July training can be open to more committee members.  I think it’s an AAP wide thing, but I’ll let you guys know!  Email me if you want to be on the waitlist for Eco-America. 

We are plugging along! We will extend the date likely to mid August and run one more poetry workshop.  We have a UCSD SOM student who will be joining the poetry efforts! Please let me know if you want me to order copies of the posters.  I could probably get nice ones.   https://sdpediatriciansforcleanair.com/youth-art-contest PREMED INTERN UPDATES: Thank you for everyone who volunteered to do mock interviews for Hakim and Vivian! Much appreciated and I’ll reach out probably in August to coordinate the mock interviews.  They have both submitted their applications and I have finished their letters of recommendations to AMCAS. Their applications are really stellar and so proud of them.

Climate Change and Health Rotation:
This came up at the last meeting and thank you especially Anne-Marie and Crystal for your input.  Kaiser folks Dave Neison, Rachel Abbot and I have fast-forwarded the proposed 1 month climate change and health/environmental justice/community medicine rotation. We’ll house it within Kaiser for now, but it’s really San Diego wide.  We have approval from Kaiser leadership, and the Kaiser residencies.  I have been trying to contact UCSD peds and haven’t gotten a response.  I know Crystal and Sally are working on their end as well.  Hopefully after we get everything approved approved, we can let Navy Peds and Loma Linda know. We’d love Rady’s to be involved but we shall see!  Build it and they will come! 

ABP Climate Change and Health MOC:
There is now for the first time ever MOC 2 credits for a climate change and health module. I just searched for climate change in my American Board of Pediatrics portfolio and it pops right up! Please feel free to share widely! Sally Kaufman (CA3) also worked with others as a reviewer! So proud of her. Spear-headed by the amazing Lisa Patel, AAP-CA1 up at Stanford.   

We did a litter-picking, climate change talk and trash art project with our second Girl Scout Troop!  It was fun and meaningful.  But we still have about 80 patches to go.  If anyone wants to do something similar for youth oriented groups you know already, let Melissa know.  We have SDPCA patches!!! It’s just fun and showing the community that pediatricians care about kids and climate gives us a lot of moral authority outside.  Not that we need anymore. 

Our own Patty Pascual had a beautiful baby. Baby Clara joins big brother Oliver. All of this we are doing is for them. All of it.  For all of our kids. 

General Committee Meeting: Q2MONTH Climate Change & Health Meeting July 20, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom.    
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