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250 SF Tree House with Loft to Sleep: Dreaming and Planning and Working

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Real platform for the treehouse done that is on the Oregon tree farm.

October 17, 2022

by Dr. Plastic Picker

Blogging helps me organize my thoughts. I’m in the midst of editing and co-creating a power point to present to the HMO Chiefs. It’s an interesting group and we’ve gotten conflicting advice about what to talk about. I was struggling with the presentation last night, and then decided to set things aside at about 830pm. We are up in our Oregon tree farm, and it gets gloriously dark very early. The last load of laundry was in the dryer as we are getting ready to leave for the next day (which is today), and I turned off the lights and looked at a few pictures of my children and fell asleep.

I sleep blissfully these days, mostly dreaming about a real-life kdrama. But those details are precious and the ending will be over a decade in the making. But I sleep truly the sleep of someone who lives a joyous and purposeful life.

These last few days up here have been wondrous. I did so many things that I had not done in a long time, or have never done. I laughed and chatted, and was just my real self with my family members here. We came here to work, but in between found adventures. We visited a lighthouse that was closed, but wandered around the sand dune trails flanked my tall grasses. That short trail led to a long stone pier that led into the Pacific Ocean. Seagulls were flying above braving the strong winds, and the waves crashing on the stone piers were powerful and exciting. We visited cute gift shops and said hello to shopkeepers. I bought unique quality gifts for several children that I love, including mine. I tasted an interesting piece of fudge that looked like chedder cheese, and it’s the top selling item in that gift shop. I looked out at rock formations that are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen.

We also did a lot of work on the farm. A family member was making custom cutting boards from the wood from our forest (we technically own it but it belongs to the collective us really). I rode the ATV, and then drove the ATV. I mowed a few acres of pastureland in a John Deere, while another family member was doing the heavy lifting was a monstrous tractor that we bought. We own a small sawmill now, and how cool is that? Probably one of the moments I will most remember is driving with another family member to where the tree house platform resides that sides on the most northern edge of the pastureland. I had seen pictures of the tree house platform but had not been there. We climbed up and gazed down at the farm, with the Umpqua National Forest behind us. Our land abuts national forest. And I imagined what the tree house will eventually look it. The plan is a 250 SF tree hose with a loft bedroom to sleep. Even now one can have a pretty nice picnic on the platform.

With all those memories, I am ready. I am ready to dive into the presentation I have been putting off. It’s an important presentation to bend the arc toward a sustainable future. So I need to give it the time it deserves, since nature has given me so much.

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