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11-11-2020 Hopeful Wednesdays: The Healing Effects of Cooking

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Threw in walnuts into the almost vegan cornbread. There is real butter but soymilk. Vegetarian cornbread.

November 11, 2020

by drplasticpicker

The vegetarian cornbread is in the oven. I think this is my third batch of cornbread and I’m sure this one will be good. The second batch was a bit of a disaster because I mixed the dry ingredients beforehand and left it on the counter. Something happened to the baking powder and parts of the cornbread were very baking-powdery. This time I made sure to mix everything well, and followed the instructions. I refer to this blogpost https://drplasticpicker.com/non-vegan-cornbread-just-cornbread/. I was inspired to make cornbread because I was rereading that blogpost, and I reread this entry. I had been working through some emotional issues that stemmed from a complicated work relationship. I’ve worked through those issues, and today’s I’m just making cornbread because I want something a bit sweet. Rather than coconut flakes, I threw in chopped walnuts as a foodwaste project. I was going to make another batch of home-made walnut pesto, but our tween daughter indicated that she was pestoed-out. So the chopped walnuts went into the cornbread.

It’s about 20 minutes to bake at 400 degrees. As I was measuring and quietly baking this morning, my mother-in-law wandered in the kitchen. It’s 5am and pitch dark, and it’s usually my quiet time to be by myself either blogging or cooking. She started putting pots and pans away. She only has two jobs in the house, to do the odd load of laundry and to try to do the dishes when she wants. She tends to let them pile up over the day and wash them very late at night. And then she puts them away in the morning. It used to bother me that she didn’t do the dishes quite as soon as I wanted her to, and let them pile up quite a bit. But I realized that eventhough she protested me doing the dishes (I actually like doing the dishes), I just sneak a quick dishwash here and there and put things away. She doesn’t really need to know. Usually she puts the dishes away later in the morning, but when she sees me baking she wanders in. So as I was finishing up the quick cornbread, she finished putting away the dishes. I think she does it when I’m cooking in the morning honestly for the company. She’s been very interested in my recent cooking adventures. I’m actually happy to provide some entertainment for her, and it gives her something to talk about with my three sisters-in-law who live in New York. She is always reported my going-ons. I usually give me in-laws some of the baked goods, just one or two as my mother-in-law has diabetes.

It’s Wednesday and I usually write a Hopeful Wednesday post by listing five things that give me hope. The country just went through a historic election, and there is still some partisan divide. It’s obviously because the Republicans are posturing to try to gain the senate seats in Georgia. Again all media, mainstream and not are blowing everything out of proportion. I guess they need to, because without clicks and readership – what is their purpose? The post-election euphoria turned into a funk yesterday, and I couldn’t get myself motivated to do any of my middle-management work. But I started at about 330pm yesterday and pretty much did things until 11pm. I now realize it was that semi-depression one goes through after going through a very happy event. I feel better after a decent night of sleep and also after baking the cornbread.

Only 5 more minutes and the cornbread will be done. It’s just a small pan and there is enough for the kids breakfast, one with my coffee, one for Mr. Plastic Picker, one bigger piece for my in-laws to share, and if I have any left I’ll bring 2-3 pieces for my friends at work. So rather than talking about five news items that bring me hope, I just wanted to say this blogging project has taught me that cooking brings me hope. Cooking together. Creating together. Blogging together. Working together, Puttering around the kitchen together. And then sharing whatever it is that we created – together.

That is what gives me hope. And that is what really our country needs to do. In fact, my parents want to start to make cornbread and they are on the opposite side of the political spectrum. I’m going to send my mother the recipe now. She is really excited to try baking cornbread. [Pause] I realize I don’t even know her email account. I sent her the recipe on facebook messenger. And that is it, cornbread done. Hopefully the country’s political reorganizing can be as easy.

Turned out perfect.
Perfect portion size to go with my coffee. Plus there are organic chopped walnuts in it.

Wow. I just checked out that a pan of cornbread at a fancy Soul Food type eatery is $40!!! That is insane. It’s good to support local but I can guarantee you my cornbread is healthier, less sugar, almost vegan, and has organic chopped walnuts. No plastic wrapping as well!!!$40 for cornbread is crazy! Kids learn to make your own cornbread. Even your pediatrician was able to do it.

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