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September 10, 2020

by drplasticpicker

I learned about the film “Gather” through Instagram friends https://gather.film/. It just was released a week ago and there is a review on the New York Times. But I heard about it on Instagram. There was a movie advertised heavily where Woody Harrelson and a super model married to Tom Brad (I forget her name, Giselle?) talk about regenerative agriculture. The movie trailer seemed very similar to 2040? I passed that one up. I think our world (and definitely for me) is past the point when Hollywood has any sort of moral authority. But then I heard the music from Raye Zaragosa and it reached me. Raye Zaragosa, folk singer with a hauntingly beautiful voice https://www.rayezaragoza.com/. She is Native American and Japanese, and I discovered her through her music as part of the new release on the film “Gather” which I watched last night. It is about fixing Native American food systems and centuries of systemic violence against the Native Americans. Took me to my mid-40s to find a musical artist that speaks to me.