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Second Office Beach Cleaning. It was a beautiful day.

February 7, 2020

by drplasticpicker

It is 72 hours since the 2nd Office Beach Clean Up. Usually I will tell families if the fever is gone after 72 hours, than no need to come back. The virus has subsided and it is over. Perhaps when the contagion is good https://drplasticpicker.com/behaviors-are-contagious-i-am-trying-to-spread-a-good-contagion/, the euphoria and goodwill can last well after the 72 hour period. Perhaps it can last a lifetime.


This photo was a big hit on @drplasticpicker Instagram account! Grab your ocean plastic pollution bag and become insta-FAMOUS! Remember to tag us at #drplasticpicker

January 27, 2020

by drplasticpicker

Hello drplasticpicker friends and my office friends in real life! We are having our 2nd Office Beach Cleaning at Imperial Beach Pier this Sunday, February 2 from 730-9AM. There will be simple but filling breakfast afterwards. Children welcome and I can sign off on community service hours as well. 

Let me know at the office or email me at drplasticpicker@gmail.com if you are planning on coming. We can accommodate last minute folks but I need a rough head count for food and also if we have more than 25, I Love A Clean San Diego will need to let the San Diego Police know.  Just bring yourselves. My goal is about 20 people so that we can chat and just be together as well. Our cleanings are really low stress, quick and early in the morning so the beach is peaceful and perfect. We meet at the picnic tables under the permanent awnings just south of the IB PIER. There will be someone to watch your stuff.

I’ll have supplies from ILCSD and waiver forms on site. Sunscreen, hat and reusable water bottle please! Children must have an adult with them.

If the @drplasticpicker reusable bags get done in time, I’ll bring one for each volunteer. If they are not delivered by Sunday, I’ll definitely reserve a bag for you. Thank you on behalf of our plastic picker/plastic reducing community!

Click here to read about our last cleaning, and why it’s great to bring your kids https://drplasticpicker.com/part-3-office-beach-clean-up-final-results/