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Our house’s first batch of home-made pasta from our hand-me-down Philips pasta maker.

November 25, 2020

by drplasticpicker

My thesis in life now is that we can figure it out. We can figure this climate crisis out, and how to live a rich and meaningful life within the limits of what our climate can withstand. Indeed, we can live a regenerative life. I have been reading more about the circular economy versus a linear economy. I think it’s all the Story of Stuff Videos that keep on popping up on my facebook feed. But it’s true, we can be part of a circular/closed-loop/no waste economy and life. John Kerry has now been named as the special presidential envoy for climate as CNN writes “underscoring Biden’s commitment to tackling the global crisis.” John Kerry is a former presidential candidate and former secretary of state. To name a senior stateman like him means a lot. I rewatch Greta Thunberg’s UN speech periodically to remind myself of the fear that our children have and she said “You have to speak clearly.”