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Brought my own reusable container for the Chinese place across from work. Dr. Dear Friend and I had wonton soup and salt-and-pepper chicken wings (small lunch serving). The waitresses got a big kick out of it, and two workers from the kitchen came out to look at my container. We caused a bit of a sensation but it makes a lot of sense. We usually scoop the left overs ourselves into the styrofoam cup anyway. These little victories count! Reducing food waste as well by eating our left-overs.

January 8, 2020

by drplasticpicker

I am writing this post actually Janaury 7, 2020. Even though it is Tuesday, and this blogpost is a Wednesday series – I will publish today because it will be wonderful to have our blog’s 100th blogpost be a Hopeful Post. Again, this continues to be a joyful blog-post series and such an uplifting part of my week. This marks the 100th blogpost and that is something to be super hopeful about. Usually I get 200-300 pageviews a day, so that is 200-300 plastic picking posts people are reading a day. Who is reading? I am not really sure but folks are reading. And that might encourage someone to remember their reusable water bottle, refuse a plastic fork, donate to the Rainforest Trust or pick up a few pieces of plastic when they go to the beach. So this week, we have Eight Reasons to be Hopeful.