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Month: December 2019

Four rolls artfully positioned in front of my mother’s bamboo frosted class bathroom shower door. Their bathrooms are super clean. Photo credit by

December 9, 2019

by drplasticpicker

When I started blogging at, it was the same time that the “Who Gives A Crap?” paper Facebook ads were popping up. It was a very cute slightly chubby brown haired woman shashaying with a big carboard box with the catchy yet slightly profane name, “Who Gives a Cr@p?” (I put the @ in for a, it doesn’t seem right to write even a slightly bad word in a pediatric blog). I was never shy, so after only writing 10 blog posts and maybe a few hundred page views – I emailed their company asking for free toilet paper samples. I was already thinking about switching to a more sustainble toilet paper alternative anyway.


The ocean was vomiting up sunglasses the day after a big storm. I also found a humanized My Little Pony Apple-Jacks plastic toy figurine. I artistically draped her with sunglasses. Photo credit by drplasticpicker.

Dr. Plastic Picker is a “A Personal Plastic-Picking Blog: Fighting Ocean Plastic Pollution One Piece At a Time .” Staying true to this mission, I am here to work against the tide of plastic pollution. The day I found those 9 sunglasses and Humanized My Little Pony Plastic Toy Figure, was literally a wave of plastic washed onto the shores of the half mile of Pacific Ocean coast that I transverse. There were four local residents of our town who just happened to be on the beach that morning also, and we turned to each other. We knew each other because we see eachother on the beaches in the mornings usually in our own contemplative worlds. But that morning we held heavy clothing items together that were weighed down by seaweed, sand and ocean water. These items required two people to carry them the long stretch to the trash bins. Together we heaved those items into the bins. And those 9 sunglasses above we collected in the little pile together.


Dr. Plastic Picker’s sister’s house. My nephew loves loves loves his home’s plastic inflatable Christmas display. Photo credit drplasticpicker’s sister.

December 7, 2019

by drplasticpicker

It has started. It is December 7, 2019. Eighteen more days until Christmas and now commences the mad rush. I feel it at clinic. Parents have that dazed look in their eyes as I ask them how things are going. Work, school and family social demands pile up. Dr. Plastic Picker went to my first work holiday party last night. I tried to deliver good comprehensive care to my 28th patient of the day who tested positive for Influenzae A, and still make it to a 6pm work party that was 45 minute drive away. I failed. Took care of the family first, which is always the right thing to do. I rushed home to cleanse my face and my blepharitis-plaqued eyes, put on a clean layer of foundation and pencil in my eyebrows that disappeared in the late 90s. Arrived there at 650pm. Tis the season.




Yes! Drplasticpicker learned how to create a meme-poem. Photo credit by

December 7, 2019

An original poem by Charlotte, age 8.

Pollutes the Earth

Littered all over the beach.

Always there.

Strong but dangerous.

Takes up space.

Icky to the core.

Creates trash.

Another poem for the same poetess entitled “HELP”

Photo of the title of the large color spread they had about our blog. That isn’t actually my glove or a bottle I picked up.

December 6, 2019

by drplasticpicker

I had great fun being interviewed by our local paper the PB Monthly. Savannah Duffy, the journalist, phone interviewed me twice and we exchanged several emails. I got to tell our nursing staff and my clinic friends in great fun, “I can’t go to lunch because I have an interivew this afternoon.” She even asked to record the interivew and I was so intrigued that she asked my permission! But in this whole plastic picking and blogging adventure, this PB Monthly interview was a high point and will give me energy to keep on going!


This is not Mr. Plastic Picker, but he looks more like a vulvan than not.

December 4, 2019

by drplasticpicker

Mr. Plastic Picker had a headache last night. He was sitting in front of his middle management home office with spreadsheets open on multiple screens, pencil in hand with physical spreadsheets of names and numbers in front of him, and making tallies. “I have a headache,” he told me. “I’ve been getting about two a week.” He had thought perhaps it was his new eyeglass prescription and had gone to the optometrist a few times to double check, and his eyes seem better. But he is still getting headaches.


Plate of persimmons from the successful Save This Persimmon Tree campaign. Photo credit by Maggie.

December 4, 2019

by drplasticpicker

I went to a large middle management meeting, and climate change was front and center. As a large health care organization in Southern California, we are getting ready. There have been 17 active wildfires in California in October 2019, 94,000 acres burned, and 129 million dead tress. We discussed extreme heat events, and that the last 8 out of 10 hottest years have been this last decade. Heat related illness cause more deaths annually than all other extreme weather events. We looked at color coded maps that estimate the increasing reach of Dengue fever. And that climate change drives increased domestic violence, child abuse/neglect, mental illness exacerbations and suicide attemtps and completions.


December 3, 2019

An original poem by drplasticpicker after a middle management meeting. Just in good fun to help me digest the topics presented today.

Today I went to a large management meeting

With doctors and nurses and managers I was seating

A VUCA world they were saying

To God we should be praying

Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity – they can be defeating

Generic slide on VUCA.

But as I sat there fading in and out of sleep

My attention the imported business paradigms did not keep

I’d rather be outside cleaning

Protecting Snowy Egrets they are preening

Vision, Understanding, Clarity, Adaptability – what the bleep?!

VUCA this, VUCA that, VUCA world, VUCA prime

VUCA past, VUCA present, VUCA future, VUCA crime

Note: This is strictly for entertainment purposes. It was a decent meeting. They ordered roast beef sandwhiches which I avoided, and I refused a plastic water bottle. VUCA that plastic!

December 2, 2019

by drplasticpicker

I’m old enough to have been there when Cyber Monday became a term. I’m old enough to have known “Facebook” was the actual Freshmen picture registry at Harvard that was given out to the incoming class so that they would know some basic information about their classmates, before it was co-opted by Mark Zuckerberg. And I’m old enough now to remember when we never had Cyber Mondays and the world was fine without it. Drplasticpicker is technically the tail-end of Generation X, the generation of latch-key kids when our parents were thought to be somewhat neglectful and we came home afterschool by ourselves. We let ourselves into the houses with our latch-keys and made ourselves TV dinners, and sat in front of the TV watching sitcoms and doing our homework alone. At some points our working parents came home to parent us. And we then threw out those plastic microwave meal trays away.




December 2, 2019

An original poem by Charlotte, age 9

An original drawing by Daniela, age 11

Splash by Daniela, age

The Ocean is dirty, dirty, dirty,

Has too much trash.

Maybe because of us?

Maybe because of boats?

Maybe because of sewage?

The Ocean is dirty, dirty, dirty.

We work hard to clean it up . .

So are we doing enough?

Should we do more?

Is it too late?

The Ocean is dirty, dirty, dirty.

Here is another poem by the same child poetess titled simply “PLASTIC” and a crayon drawing by Bella aged 7 “Tottie”